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Art Supplies Swaps

Here at Opportunity Arts we believe that all people should be able to explore their creativity and that cost should not be a barrier. We also like preventing items going to landfill - cos trash can be treasure!

If you're an artist, crafter or maker of things, it's likely that you have draws or cupboards filled with all manner of crafty junk?! From paint to charcoal, from beads to yarn, from bottle tops to pompoms we all have materials that we haven't used in ages, or that we tried to work with but they didn’t quite inspire.  

At our art supplies swaps we invite people to bring items from their stash, half-used is all good with us! People then swap for new (or new-to-you) supplies.

Here's an example of one of our events organised alongside the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre. 

Art Supplies Swap.jpg
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