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Friends of

Opportunity Arts 

Check out the links below to learn more about our friends and collaborators:

Timothy John Badrick (Tim)

24 May 1959 - 12 July 2016

Artist, friend and inspiration to Opportunity Arts


Access Matters


Working together to put accessibility at the heart of a more inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.




The Ākina Foundation is New Zealand’s principal intermediary for social enterprise and have been named the strategic partner to Government in the development of the Social Enterprise sector.


Arts Access Aotearoa

Arts Access Aotearoa | Putanga Toi ki Aotearoa advocates for people in New Zealand who experience barriers to participation in the arts as creators, audience members, readers, and gallery and museum visitors.

Everybody Cool Lives Here

Everybody Cool Lives Here Trust produces art that reflects and celebrates Aotearoa’s unique and diverse identity. We connect artists and groups and empower them to create dialogue within the wider community.

Giant Spark


Giant Spark is a creative agency focused on empowering individuals and communities who share a message of inclusion and enrichment.


Health and Disability Commissioner

Health and Disability Commissioner promotes and protects the rights of consumers as set out in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.




Mix is a not for profit organisation that supports those who live with the experience of mental illness, through a variety of creative and life skill opportunities.


Newtown Community and Cultural Centre


The Newtown Community and Cultural Centre was established in 1977. It now boasts seven hireable spaces spread over three locations and houses many exciting community initiatives such as: Newtown Tool Library, Boomerang Bags, Wellington Timebank, Newtown Community Fridge and Quick Kai.


New Zealand Festival


New Zealand’s leading arts festival and makers of extraordinary events, the festival has been creating extraordinary encounters between artists and audiences since 1986.




Pablos Art Studios Inc. is a creative and supportive environment that aims to empower people who have had an experience of mental ill health.


Patocki Paterson


Potocki Paterson Art Gallery is a creative

co-operation between established and emerging Artists, with an emphasis on supporting local talent to push the boundaries within traditional art galleries.


Roar! Gallery


ROAR! gallery is a not-for-profit exhibition space that supports artists with limited access to traditional dealer galleries. ROAR! gallery is dedicated to the sale and promotion from Pablos Art Studios.


Vincents Art Workshop


Vincents Art Workshop is a place of learning and creativity, which contributes to healthy communities. Here at Opportunity Arts, we’re often preaching a Vincent’s catchphrase - Where all are included, all benefit!



Adam Glucksman


Adam Glucksman is a multimedia digital artist specializing in motion graphic design.

Claire Hewitt

Claire Hewitt is igniting the creative spark in people of all ages and abilities in Wellington. Drama, vocal training, creative engagement, music and theatre workshops.

Daniels Fuenzalida Photography

Dani is a talented photographer from Chile residing in Wellington, she took some of the photo's on our shop page. You can also see her work on Facebook

Fergus Collinson


Fergus Collinson is a self-styled Jazz painter, who wrote poetry and created photo essays. Sixty of his art works appeared in the book "Bouncing with Billie ..." and each is introduced with a poem.


Milena Zooks


Lenny Zook's art relates to mental health and works to destigmatize issues associated with it - cute stuff for sad babes!


Moskon Review


Guy Moskon is an illustrator/cartoonist/artist/other operating out of New Zealand with an accessible lowbrow punk mentality - he’s open mouth coughing on the sanctity of art.


Susan Te Kahurangi King


Susan doesn’t speak with words, but shares much of her world through extraordinary drawings.


Yana Brewster


Yana Brewster is a Wellington based artist and designer who is currently focused on making the arts accessible to the wider community, and creating user-friendly websites and design.

Timothy John Badrick (Tim)

24 May 1959 - 12 July 2016

Artist, friend and inspiration to Opportunity Arts

Timothy John Badrick (Tim)

24 May 1959 - 12 July 2016

Artist, friend and inspiration to Opportunity Arts

Creativity Challenge Conference : 2015

"Get Better Work Stories"

Eryn Gribble shares the stories of Alpha Art Studio.

"Boundaries are something for those living with disability that are constants. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to find ways to overcome them. I have been fortunate to learn more than I could ever teach from the people I have been humbled to work with. In this presentation I aim to share their stories alongside mine through my journey of community arts facilitation."

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