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The Wellington Community Arts Network (WE-CAN) is for organizations, practitioners and facilitators engaged in community arts - full time, part time, sometimes, or not yet! We welcome those that are new to the scene or keen on learning more. We are a multi-disciplined group including musicians, theatre, visual arts, writers.

We meet once a month - on the Last Thursday of every month from 5.30 - 7.30pm in central Wellington. Members bring along a plate of food to share, a member of the group presents on their work and we go around the table introducing who we are and “what’s on top” for us. We also have some facilitated sessions that support our members in the work they are doing.


Our group defines “Community Arts” as:

  • Community Arts are creative activities that bring people together in their communities. Community Arts works to nurture the potential that exists in all communities to be creative and to find a voice to express themselves through and using the arts. Community art has a unique power to reach people; it has a meaningful impact on our lives and helps us express our cultural identity, tell our stories and make connections.


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This project is supported by Wellington City Council and the Community Arts Team. 

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