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....Introducing Mire...!

Opportunity Arts along with Newtown Community Centre transformed an un-used room

in the Community Centre (that was previously full of junk) into an Art Studio and we’re

proud to introduce Newtown’s very own Artist-in-Residence!


Mirella Moschella (aka Mire) is a videographer from Lima, Peru, who has been documenting street art for almost a decade. She’s a super versatile artist, working with mediums from video to spray-paint to embroidery. She’s into the graffiti aesthetic, urban art, art as protest and collaborative community art projects. 

If you want to check out the studio, meet Mire or if you have any awesome ideas for art collaboration, come and say kia ora / hola! Mire is usually here between around 12 - 4pm, upstairs at the Community Centre - give the centre a call on 04 389 4786 to check if she’s in, or message her on instagram (@mira_a_mire). Due to Covid and a family emergency, the residency got placed on a hold for a few months! Mire is now back with us - and ready to get stuck in.... you can check out her journey as we document it on the Newtown Community Centre Facebook page    

About the programme.....

The Newtown Community & Cultural Centre (NCCC) alongside Opportunity Arts (OA) are offering a 3-month artist’s residency at the Community Centre in Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand for three months at the start of 2020.

NCCC and OA know that art is vital to a healthy and happy society. NCCC has a spare studio space and OA have lots of know-how about supporting artists – especially those working in the community/social space. Together we've managed to pull together a little list of various different offerings to make this a pretty awesome wee residency package in the heart of the Newtown community. 

We encourage anyone that wants a place to create (any medium, including music/writing/theatre) to apply. We are also open to arts organisations wanting office space to continue their mahi to also apply. While we welcome applications from solo practitioners who are wanting to focus on their own practice, priority will be given to artists who have a strong interest in community development, public art, socially engaged work and/or community arts practices. The selection committee also will look favourably on folks that are emerging in their careers. 

NCCC and OA welcome people with no formal training in the arts and we welcome people from diverse backgrounds and with unique needs. If you have any questions, or find filling out forms challenging, get in touch and we can help ya!

We don't want anyone to be discouraged from applying - so if you have an idea, have at us! 

Applications opened on December 13th 2019 and closed on 31st January at 5pm.

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Click on the PDF to read the conditions/guidelines of residency.

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